Walk off the Earth, A Band That Covers all your Favourite Songs but Better

Walk off the Earth is a Canadian band that has been using YouTube to successfully conquer mainstream music. They have covers of many songs including Pay Phone by Maroon 5, Rude by Magic, or even Can’t Feel my face by The Weeknd. They have been making music and videos since 2006, but they only became popular in 2012. Their popularity is originally linked to a very original video that featured the whole band covering one of the hits at the moment ‘’Somebody I Used to Know’’. The original video published in 2012 currently has 173 Million views on YouTube. The creative element behind this video features the entire band performing the whole song with only ONE instrument.


But this is not why they are famous…

The band’s creativity is the main reason for their success and the same recipe is embedded in their style.


Let’s take as an example the amazing cover they made from Adelle’s very own, ‘’ Hello’’. The band uses a mix of clapping, Bells, and more to recreate all the sounds from the original song. Can you spot the Surfboard?


What about their Cheerleader cover? I am not sure if you were listening to the radio in summer 2015, but the original version of the song aired pretty much everywhere. They made a very creative and dynamic version of the song while using everything they had in their tour bus. I actually think they were just bored and picked the song because it’s catchy.


No offence to original artists, but these 5 Canadians have talent…

Their creativity and talent are the off the charts!


Did I mention that every member of the band can make music with anything? That’s right, they can play any instrument or object and make any sound with it. The guy in the picture bellow has a cover of ‘’ Love The Way You Lie’’ where he performs the entire song by himself. Gianni Luminati has been spotted playing more than 20 instruments in various YouTube clips. simply amazing! … and really fun to watch


I simply think that this band should receive more credit. They recently launched a new album titled “SING IT ALL AWAY” and  is available on ITunes, Spotify and Google play. If you are a music lover as I am, please spread the word and help artist spread their talent. Bands like Walk of the Earth should be the ones representing the industry and influencing new generations!


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